Output typeAuthorsYear TitleJournal / Book titleWorkstream
Journal ArticleNick Smith, Stacey Rand, Sarah Morgan, Karen Jones, Helen Hogan, Alan Dargan2022The scope of safety in English older adult care homes: a qualitative analysis of Safeguarding Adult ReviewsThe Journal of Adult Protection
SummaryEsther Ainley, Cara Witwicki, Amy Tallett, Chris Graham2021Social media as a marker of individual experience - Using twitter comments to understand people’s experiences of UK healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic
Journal ArticleThavapriya Sugavanam , James Caiels, Michele Peters, Ray Fitzpatrick2021The Development of a Core Outcome Set for Trials and Evaluative Studies in Adult Social CareJournal of Long-Term Care
Journal ArticleKeegan Shepard, Ruta Buivydaite, Charles Vincent2021How do National Health Service (NHS) organisations respond to patient concerns? A qualitative interview study of the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)BMJ Open
Working PaperJulien Forder, Stephen Allan, Florin Vadean, Daniel Roland2021Geographical variation in COVID-19 mortality and its relationship to social care provision in England
Journal ArticleMirza lalani, Helen Hogan2021A narrative account of the key drivers in the development of the Learning from Deaths policyJournal of Health Services Research & Policy
Journal ArticleEsther Ainley, Cara Witwicki, Amy Tallett, Chris Graham2021Using Twitter Comments to Understand People’s Experiences of UK Health Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Thematic and Sentiment AnalysisJournal of Medical Internet Research
Case StudyPicker Institute Europe2021Targeting CQC Inspections of GP Practices
Journal ArticleStacey Rand, Nick Smith, Karen Jones, Alan Dargan, Helen Hogan2021Measuring safety in older adult care homes: a scoping review of the international literatureBMJ Open
Journal ArticleAmy Tallett, Alan J Poots, Chris Graham, Michele Peters,
Rory Corbett, Steve Sizmur, Julien Forder
2020How can patient experience scores beused to predict quality inspectionratings? A retrospective cross-sectionalstudy of national primary care datasetsin the UKBMJ Open
Journal ArticleLaurie Batchelder, Diane Fox, Caroline M. Potter, Michele Peters, Karen Jones, Julien E. Forder and Ray Fitzpatrick2020Rasch analysis of the long‑term conditions questionnaire (LTCQ) and development of a short‑form (LTCQ‑8)Health and Quality of Life Outcomes
Journal ArticleHelen Crocker, Laura Kelly, Jenny Harlock, Ray Fitzpatrick and Michele Peters2020Measuring the benefits of the integrationof health and social care: qualitativeinterviews with professional stakeholdersand patient representativesBMC Health Services Research
Journal ArticleLaura Kelly, Jenny Harlock, Michele Peters, Ray Fitzpatrick and Helen Crocker2020Measures for the integration of health and social care services for long-term health conditions: a systematic review of reviewsBMC Health Services Research

QSO publications will be added to this page in due course.  For the time being, you may be interested in the publications of QORU, the Quality and Outcomes of Person-Centred Care PRU which was funded in the previous round of PRPs until 30 June 2019.

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